Pitonsoft Technologies has POS solutions with features that helps you to streamline your retail operations. Providing easy-to-use advanced capabilities, it automates the ‘Checkout’ process for smooth retail operations. All it takes is a one-time configuration for the POS feature to be activated.
Our POS (Point Of Sale) software is affordable, easy to use and will help you to manage inventory, customers, employees and money. Our POS Software will give you more control of your counter sales, back office procedures, stockroom management and accounting. You will save time on training and increase profit with better inventory & customer management.
The key to finding the right POS System for your business is finding the right Point of Sale Software. We have tested dozens of software offerings for each industry that we support and are proud to offer the most functional, easiest to use, most customizable and lowest cost software for each specific vertical. We believe that a Point of Sale System should be an extension of your existing business processes that helps your business to be more secure, more efficient, and more profitable. In nearly any environment, the right POS Software will pay for itself in a matter of months by helping to eliminate inventory loss and theft and by allowing your business to run more efficiently.

Our Point of Sale system is targeted at the retail industry for the purpose of:

  Touch-Screen Ready

  Monitoring customer transactions

  Processing of sales

  Exports To MS-Excel

  Product Photos

  Provides quantified tracking of sales promotions

  Product inventory levels in single or multiple stores

  Generates POS Invoices with Date and Time of transaction

  Ensures management of gift coupons, vouchers, discount tickets…

  Supporting accounts and analyzing daily traffic flow in each store.

  Increases productivity and revenue